Sin In The Flesh is not a band. It is not an artist, it is not a project, it is not a proposal.


Sin In The Flesh are people who act driven by the love in their own direction through music.


When you come across the band in 2018, possibly what we really have before us, although it cannot be seen at first sight, are individuals with a common goal, for whose scope they have joined personalities and worked as a team to agree on a strategy, songs, a logical aesthetic and a uniform communication protocol in the field in which they want to position themselves. And that’s the game everyone plays, right? You respect the rules of the tournament in which you play because if not, they disqualify you. But, what if I told you that Sin In The Flesh does not play a tournament? What if I told you that “success” and “failure” are impostors? What if I told you that the really important thing is to find your conscious path beyond any expectation, break the chains that bind you to banal goals and accept yourself to fly where you want?