If Noel Gallagher, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Ozzy Osbourne, Iggy Pop and Angus Young had dirty luxurious unprotected sex and the day after decided to form a band, it would be Sin The Flesh.

Samu Ortiga a.k.a  “Sin”, Javi Jiménez and Dan “Canuto” Sánchez are raising that very special being, playing and creating catchy, soulful, vivid and organic rock n roll tunes over the world.

Sam started the project as a solo artist and multi-instrumentalist under the name of “Sin” in 2017, which then became “Sin In The Flesh” when reborn as a band with a strategic name change.

The album “Sin” was released in 2017, well received by the press and critic in Spain and the U.S.A, winning Best Rock Album in the Clouzine Music Awards (Beverlly Hills) and TAP Music Awards (Madrid)The single Hoochie Koochie Woman was nominated to the prestigious Hollywood Music In Media Awards 2017 in Los Angeles, California, year in which nominations and categories included other artists such as Elton John, Jack White, Taylor Swift or Pharrel Williams.

The direction changed in 2018 with “Sheer Acoustic”, recorded with Adrián and Jesús Espinosa, a completely acoustic release that opened different and unexpected doors for the band.

After this and with a brand new and different line up, Sin In The Flesh toured Spain with their heroes Spiders (Sweden) and played Barcelona, Bilbao and Madrid. This new line up felt like his first flesh and blood rock n roll band for Samu and consisted him, of Renato Carranza (drums, who lived in Samu’s family house) and “crazy-ass” David Yunta (who learned to play bass from scratch just to be in the band). This tour was followed by a round of shows in the Canary Islands.

The three bandmates lived in the same street until Samuel and David took the reckless decision of leaving their respective parental homes and studies to fulfill their dream of living exclusively for love, music and Sin In The Flesh in the present day, which was wonderful for a brief period of time but lead to a massive crisis in the band and families as Renato was still living Sam’s house and David and Samuel had absolutely no source of income or real place go.

After the parting of Renato and David, still not losing any bit of hope, Sam met bassist Dani Sánchez and a strong connection took place. They had the same musical references and Dan had a fascinating rock culture. Dani had been the singer, songrwriter and guitarist in the Venezuelan band Canuto in the 90’s and 2000’s. When Sam saw him play guitar, he asked him to be the lead guitarrist so he would switch to bass. But he didn’t let him abandon his instrument as one of the main ingredients and driving forces in the band. Luckily, Dan was as good on bass as on guitar.

Then Javi stepped in for a two-week tour of Germany in March, suggested by manager and friend Lorenzo Sanz and their chemistry onstage was undeniable, feeling as real as ever.

Javi’s personality, self taught style and unbeatable swing lead the guys to ask him to join permanently, and the combination of the three ended up making the strongest team until today, which keeps only moving forward and is confirmed to tour the U.K tour in May 2019.

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